10 Best Payment Gateway Providers in the US (2023)

To make the payment integration process for your business, smooth-sailing, here are the top Payment Gateway Providers in the US.

Payment Gateway Providers In the US


With the advent of the internet age, a lot of businesses, both old and new, have shifted online for the convenience of their customers, especially in the US. With changing times, come new adaptations, and from the conventional methods of payment, there has been a huge shift towards online payment gateway providers. Integrating a payment gateway for your e-commerce business is an integral step. There are a lot of aspects that come into the picture when deciding which payment gateway provider in the US is the best to integrate with your business. To name some, there are factors such as privacy, seamless integration with existing e-commerce sites and mobile applications, as well as affordable fees and rates. To make a well-informed choice, from amongst the plethora of payment gateway providers available online, consult the following top ten list.

Top Ten Payment Gateway Providers

1. Stripe

A top of the line payment gateway provider, Stripe has a lot to offer. It is super easy to use as it uses the option of signing users in, as sub-merchants to make the payment process hassle-free. Stripe integrates seamlessly with a lot of e-commerce platforms to make the life of online entrepreneurs much easier. Some interesting features of this app, that set it apart from the rest, are the loan feature, customization options, and micro-payment feature, to cater to small in-app purchases.

2. PayPal

One of the most trusted and popular payment gateway providers, PayPal is the best option for those with a diverse and remote customer base. The PayPal gateway provider facilitates e-wallet payments across businesses across the globe, without the requirement of any tech knowledge. The fees charged by the platform are affordable and enable you to accept payments across a wide range of currencies. PayPal offers a quick sign-up feature and a well-designed interface that makes it popular amongst its users. 

3. Amazon Pay

Amazon itself is one of the leading e-commerce platforms, and to give it the edge, the platform offers a payment gateway provider, called Amazon Pay. The amalgamation of the e-commerce platform and the payment gateway makes it convenient for entrepreneurs to display their products and services as well as offer a fast and easy payment process for their customers. As it is a popular payment gateway provider in India, it is ideal for businesses that rely on India for their customer base. The step-by-step installation guides offered here, guarantee that you will not face any technical difficulties. 

4. GoURL

To keep your customers happy, it is essential to keep up with the times. With cryptocurrency becoming increasingly popular, e-commerce sites are now jumping at the opportunity to provide bitcoins as an alternative payment option. GoURL offers just that, in addition to other conventional payment methods. The processing time for crypto money is instant and problem-free. 

5. Cayan

Frustrated customers can incur great losses for your online business. One essential way to keep them satisfied is to offer convenient payments, as they scroll through the mobile-app that your online business offers. This is also beneficial to you, as you can keep your business open, 24×7, all year-round. While a lot of payment gateway providers offer this option, Cayan is popular because of the speedy and hassle-free service that it offers. There is no buffer time, with Cayan! 

6. Clover

If you are looking for a payment gateway provider in the US, that facilitates checkout in just a single click, Clover is the best option, currently in the market. Along with a smooth-sailing shopping experience for your customers, Clover also offers a variety of configuration options catering to the type of product or service provided, to fine-tune the online shopping experience. It has an easy-to-use interface, with a minimal aesthetic, to not clutter the interface.

7. GoCoin

If you are adamant about providing your customers with a cryptocurrency payment method, another budding payment gateway that you can choose from is GoCoin. This platform enables you to process bitcoin payments made through your online platform at a speedy rate, hassle-free. It is super easy to use and install. The constant updates that the platform provides for its features, help keep it up with the changing times and give a popular edge over its competitors. 

8. Wells Fargo

If you own a  relatively small or medium-sized online business, in the US and want to link up online payments to a local branch of any popular bank, Wells Fargo is the payment gateway provider to consider. The platform has high-end security protocols in place, and as it provides a direct link between the bank of your choice and your online business, you can access your processed payments immediately without any delay. Wells Fargo also offers different payment options, based on the processing speed desired. 

9. Payline

If you are seeking a payment gateway provider that will coherently integrate with your mobile e-commerce applications, you do not have to look any further. Payline offers easy customization options, for you to configure the payment gateway as per the needs of your business. This platform enables you to accept payments across any method imaginable, from e-wallets to debit cards. At Payline, data security is given the highest priority and each transaction is protected by top-notch security protocols.

10. WePay

Keep cart abandonment rates, at bay by using the WePay payment gateway provider. The leading cause behind cart abandonment is the slow and difficult checkout process offered by some sub-par payment gateways. At WePay, there is not even a slight chance of such technical problems occurring, and any issues faced by entrepreneurs using their platform are immediately redressed. The platform caters to payments made across e-commerce websites, as well as mobile applications. 


The e-commerce platform has become a popular choice, especially in the US, to deal with the sales of goods and services, sometimes out of compulsion to attract more customers. As online entrepreneurial ventures scramble to find the most suitable payment gateway provider in the US that is tailor-made for their needs, new payment providers are lining up with new and renewed features to get in on the action. Doing your research and making a well-informed decision is ever-so-important, to ensure a smooth-sailing payment process for your customers, as well as seamless integration with your e-commerce site. 


How difficult is it to install a payment gateway?

Most payment gateways are easy to install with just a few clicks. The gateway providers also contribute step-by-step instructions, so that you do not encounter any problems while installing and using the gateway.

How fast is the income amount reflected in the account?

A lot of payment gateways retain a certain amount of your payments and release them once a month, once the amount has been processed. The retention amount and the rate of the amount that is released vary across payment gateway providers. 

How many currency types should be accepted?

This is a choice that depends on the customer base that your business is trying to attract. The more the number of currencies accepted, the more is the chance of a diverse customer base from across the world. 

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