Best Call Center Services For Small Businesses 2021

Here are the hand-picked best call center services for small businesses.

Best Call Center Services For Small Businesses

Well, in any business, the customer is the king. So it doesn’t matter what kind of business you have in one’s possession or what scale of business you run,  excellent customer service is required. Aiding your consumers in resolving their problems and clearing their doubts promptly will definitely boost the business. But, controlling all the questions from your consumers and overseeing the business may prove to be a little tricky. Don’t worry. Call center services will present to you the break you deserve.

The call center can be said as a department to which all the questions, that is the phone calls from your consumers or potential consumers are forwarded to. The call center people will respond to the questions raised by the consumers. Formulated on the data your company has given, the Call center soldiers can answer the FAQs or direct the call towards a professional. This can be an inbound process and/or outbound.

Customer service is probably the most well-known feature of an inbound call center. Here, they handle enumerate calls simultaneously. They hunt through the incoming phone calls from the consumer and provide responses to their doubts about products or services they want to buy, scheduling, doubts regarding account management, or any other problems they may be facing. Ian’s interactive voice response may be used for this purpose or may be forwarded to the call center agent. This may be done using an automated call distributor.

In an outbound call center, the call center employees call the potential customers in the interest of their clients. These calls may include sales calls, fundraisers, contact list updating, telemarketing, etc. lead generation may be one of the main advantages of outbound call centers. Telemarketing has also proved to be of great help. They have to adhere to the Do Not Call Registry, which is the list of numbers they are not allowed to call. Citizens can add their number to this list if they don’t want to be disturbed by unwanted calls. Telesales and market research are the other services produced.

Well, all these can be a lot to take in. we have made things easier for you. Continue reading to know about the best call center services accessible for small scale businesses. Read this article all the way through to find which one suits your business.

1. Ansafone

Ansafone offers either inbound or outbound services. It provides customized plans according to what you want exactly.


Pricing depends on the anticipated number of calls and the level of services provided. You will get a 500- minute plan for $410 per month. That is 82 cents per minute. There are other plans in case you have it in your mind to upsize or downsize your business.

Plan A Will give you 90 minutes for $90 per month.

Plan B offers 275 minutes for $245.

With plan C you will get 500 minutes for $410.

You will have to pay $675 per month to get 850 minutes.

These are a few of the basic plans. Anasfone is a very flexible company. They are open to negotiations and customized plans.


Anasfone provides other assistance like support on sales, support on technicals, a hotline for complaints, full-day customer care, monitoring on social media platforms, and placing orders.they also take messages and provide a response to phone calls on an all-day all week basis.

One small Ansafone Contact Center has is its 12-second increments. This can really eat up your time.

2. TeleDirect

It is one of the finest companies that provide a great call center service. It has a very malleable pricing range and presents services to businesses of all sizes.

It presents inbound and outbound call services.


TeleDirect charges per-minute as a substitute to a monthly subscription. one very attractive feature is that you can receive up to an 80% refund for the unused minutes. Few of the pricing schemes they offer are the following;

You can acquire 300 minutes for $387

At the rate of $1,100, you will get 1,000 minutes.

For $5,580 you will get about 6,000 minutes.

6,000 minutes for $5,580.

The biggest one, you will get 20,000 minutes for $15,000.

There are add on services like recording calls, notification on receiving texts, and patch time. you can get them for 10% of your per minute usage.


There are many great features they offer like answering live, great customer support, and email support. they also provide message support, placing orders, research on the current market, and lead follow-up

One big drawback TeleDirect has is that they need an additional payment for some basic features. For example, features like call recording are added in the standard plan of almost all of the other companies. In TeleDirect you get this feature as an add-on.

3. GoAnswer

GoAnswer is a company that specializes in inbound call services principally for small businesses. They handle conveyance through email, messages, and other social media.


GoAnswer’s flexible price range makes it popular, especially in small businesses. They will give you a 30-day trial. You only have to pay them once you have decided to hire them. Their monthly subscription prices are given below.

$50 per month, that is about %1 per minute.

On an average of $1.10 per minute, you will be necessitated to pay $110 per month.

For 250 minutes you will be required to pay $250 per month.

At an average of 95 cents per minute, it will cost you $475 per month for one month.

It is $900 per month, to get 1,000 minutes.

2,500 minutes for $2,200 per month.

For $4,200 per month, you will get 5,000 minutes.

You will need to pay 90 cents to $1 per minute as overage fees.

If none of these plans interests you can always customize the plan according to what you need. The plan needs $75 as set-up fees.

Plans can be modified or customized monthly based on your anticipated call volume.


Some of the great features they offer are live agents for 24/7, placing orders, alerts on messages and emails, and dashboard. They can also plan appointments and meetings.  They also have the fastest pick-up time. You can also get free entrance to their mobile app.

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Is call center services available for small businesses? Are they affordable?

Yes, you can approach any call center services for your business no matter the size. But you may have to spend some time on research as there are many available options and some are friendlier towards small businesses than others.

Most of the call center services are cheap. Many of them provide options to customize the plan. So they are safe to say they are affordable.

What is the best call center service for my small scale business?

There are many call center services available in the market. TeleDirect, GoAnswer, and Anasfone are some of the top call center services. You may have to do some research before selecting the one which will suit your needs.

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