Best Multi Line Phone System For Small Business 2021

With hundreds of multi-line phone systems online, you must decide carefully what you want. Choose the best multi line phone system for small business needs. 

Best Multi Line Phone System For Small Business

Starting a new business is not easy. You have to think about everything even if it’s just a small business. If your business requires a lot of calling and communicating via telephones, you need to know which is the best multi-line phone system for small businesses. 

Almost every business requires calling but the time spent on calls differs. Even if it’s a mobile pro era, you cannot communicate with customers on mobile and talk to your colleagues via WhatsApp or Snapchat during work. You need to have a proper phone system for that. 

A Multi-line phone system is a system where you can connect with multiple people with a single phone line. The types of lines differ according to who you’re trying to contact. If you’re calling a customer or someone outside the business, then you’re using an external line. If you’re calling someone from office only, any colleague, then you’re using internal lines. 

Types of Phone systems

There are various types of multi-line phone systems based on the number of lines. You have to decide which one is the best multi-line phone system for small businesses according to the needs of your business and the space in your office. 

Types of phone systems based on the number of lines are:- 

2-lines Phone systems

The 2-line phone system is a multi-line phone system. Is a phone system that you can use for various business functions like providing a second extension for your business, an Internet connection, remote voicemail, or fax. It is formed by using two separate lines that will provide you with two different phone numbers.  A 2 line phone system is a cheaper path if you have a small business or your employees are working from home or if you have contracted service for maintaining your business communication.

4-lines Phone systems

The 4-line phone system is a very useful type of multi-line phone system because it actually runs four different analog phone lines or landlines through your office only. The lines may vary according to if your communication is internal or external. If your business needs more than 4 lines, most systems providers will give you this option along with the hardware to help you connect additional phones in the groups of 4. The 4-line phone systems are different from the usual phone systems because they can enable multiple parties to be on the phone at the same time, whereas the usual phones can only send voice data between only two parties at one time. 

5+ lines Phone systems 

Now, if you have a big business that has a large number of employees that work full-time, you may require a phone system of 5+ lines. For example, if you have a call center company that has an owner and 2 and more employees, you may need a phone system that can provide you with at least 5 lines.

Features of a Multi line Phone system

A Multi-Line Phone system has various features that can help your business become more efficient. These features make your life easy and you pay more attention to the ways of growing your business. They are:- 

  • Speakerphone – This feature is available on all the phones. If you’re busy or need more people present in a room to hear the conversation, you can just use the hands-free mode. 
  • Texting – These days, texting is so normal that it’s available even in landline phones of offices. This feature helps you to schedule and confirm appointments with customers.
  • Fax Machine Integration – Fax Machine Integration helps you to use your already existing fax machines in your office and connect them with the multi-line phone system you have.
  • Message Waiting Indicator – It is used to remind you of any voicemails awaiting your attention.
  • Hold Functionality – We all know about this feature as this too is available on all the phones. For a business call, if you put your customer on hold, you can customize hold music for them.
  • Caller ID – Caller ID is like the TrueCaller app but for your landline. You can see the name of the person who’s calling.
  • Personal Directory – It is a phonebook for your business. You need to make calls using this directory only. The size may vary depending on your telephone company.
  • Voicemail – It enables your customers to leave messages for you. 
  • Speed Dial Directory – Speed Dial helps you to add a few numbers to a list and you can just call them by dialing only one number. It is useful for numbers that you frequently call.
  • Headset mode – Your business might need handsets that come with a socket to plug your headset into the phone for hassle-free communication. You can easily take notes or search for information on your computer during a call with a customer. 
  • Internal and External Call Transferring – This feature allows you an extension that transfers a call to an internal extension or external number.
  • All Page/Intercom – Paging allows you to speak to multiple phones at the same time through a speakerphone. This particular feature can be used to make any announcements or to inform the employees about any waiting call.
  • Call Waiting – This feature helps you by notifying you if there’s another caller waiting if you’re already on a call. 
  • Do Not Disturb – As the name suggests, Do Not Disturb mode prevents anyone from calling you and their call will be sent directly to your voicemail. This function is useful when you’re in a meeting or busy somewhere else and you cannot answer your phone.
  • Auto Attendant – Auto Attendant greets your customers when they call and provide them with routes to the right number or information at any time. This is a more professional kind of feature.
  • Wireless Adaptors – With the help of these, there’s no need to run wires to every phone in the office.
  • Conferencing – It helps you to connect with clients and employees together in a group.
  • Included Installation – Many telephones aren’t equipped with the installation. You need to know if the installation is included, or if you might need to install on your own your multi-line phone system and accompanying handsets.
  • Mute and Volume Control – This is a must-have feature for every Phone system.

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There might be many multi-line phone systems out there. With these many options, it’s natural to get confused. You have to be careful about your final decision regarding this. Just don’t go with whatever your provider suggests or whatever is cheaper. Research well as this is an important investment for any business. Your decision should depend on the size of your business and its needs. Also, please check the audio quality after installation to avoid any last-minute surprises. If found faulty, you can either get the device changed then and there or you can opt for a different provider altogether. Choose what is best for your business but also comes under your budget. Always keep these two factors in mind when choosing a platform.

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