Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes? 2021

Are you wondering if your fur baby can eat tomatoes? Read further to know, can dogs eat tomatoes.

Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes

If you are a dog owner looking for experimenting with different vegetables which can be beneficial for your dog? But scared to try them out with your dog because of its side effects, gastrointestinal issues, and health problems? Do not worry just like you are concerned about your dog there are so many dog owners who are concerned about this issue as well. Tomato has long been renowned for its health superpower. Dogs can eat tomatoes whether it is a cherry or plum tomato you picked from your backyard or the grocery store. 

Dogs can consume normal food like what we eat daily but it should be given in small portions but you should also keep in mind there are some foods where dogs are allergic to them. You need to do the necessary research on the food your dog consumes. This article will help you out in giving you detailed information regarding dogs’ consumption of tomatoes. 

In most cases, dogs eat whatever we are eating and also what they want to eat. Whether it is a juicy beef tomato or juicy beef steak, your dog wants to help you finish it. Generally, dog veterans will not recommend feeding table scraps to dogs. You can give your dog treats once in a day but not continuously. They are in the nightshade family of vegetables, which means plants contain a few components that are harmful to certain animals, including solanine. 


According to Dr. Pete Land, the site owner of Pete’s pet facts, tomatoes are nontoxic and are beneficial when eaten in moderation or as an occasional snack. But tomatoes can hurt your dog, beware. Tomatoes cannot be consumed as a dog’s buffet. Have you seen that greenish hat that tomatoes wear? That telltale hat is an indication that the tomato is just like the peppers and eggplants nightshade family, are fruits, herbs, shrubs, vegetables, and vines belonging to the genus Solanaceae. They are mostly poisonous plants although some are edible fruit.

Tomatoes contain a compound called glycoalkaloids. They are naturally occurring pesticides seen in tomatoes that can defend the plants, against bacteria, fungi, and different species of insects. While these compounds are found throughout the plant, the highest concentrations are found within the unripe fruit leaves and flowers. 


Dogs would like to eat whatever the wonder is eating, whether it is a juicy plant or a fruit. It can get problematic for your dog as they are chances where your dog might eat the green tomato plant on the stem and leaves.

If your dog has eaten green tomato plants then you need to watch him carefully for any signs of poisoning. Clinical signs too much include gastrointestinal (GI) upset, cardiac effects, loss of coordination, muscle weakness, tremors, seizures. Some questions were raised by dog winners to know whether it is safe to consume tomatoes for dogs.

“Can puppies and senior dogs eat tomatoes?” No puppies can’t eat tomatoes, only adult dogs can eat tomatoes. Even though adult dogs can eat they still have to consume in small quantities. You may notice your dog hovering by the table on spaghetti day and if that’s the case, you might be wondering,

One more question which was raised by the dog owner was can dogs consume cooked tomatoes like sauce and ketchup? You can give your dog sauce in little amounts like sprinkling on its food but it is important to know whether the sauce is homemade or store-bought.

Commercial tomato products are heavily seasoned with a bewildering list of additives and derivatives. Even if the product says “all-natural” there are slices like chives, garlic, and onions in the blend. While garlic and onions are safe in small quantities, it is difficult for us to know how much garlic and onions manufacturers use in their products. 


  • Tomatoes can help sharpen your dog’s eyesight. Tomatoes are good to combat degenerative diseases. Tomatoes promote heart health. 
  • Tomatoes help manage diabetes. Tomatoes help in getting healthy skin and coat. 
  • According to Pet Poison Helpline, tomatoes are barely poisonous and are generally pretty safe to feed dogs. 
  • As the tomato grows the solanine quantity present in it decreases. Dogs can consume tomatoes but not green tomatoes as poisoning levels are present more in it. 
  • Tomato is used in dog food because it is high in soluble fiber, which promotes healthy digestion and regular bowel movements. 
  • Vitamin A is great for their vision too. 
  • Tomatoes contain Vitamin C. They help regulate blood pressure. They promote strong bones. 


  • When an animal is poisoned by a plant from the mute nightshade family they get gastrointestinal irritation or irritation of the lining of the stomach. 
  • If dogs eat large quantities of the green parts of the tomato plant, common signs of toxicity to watch for are: diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy, weakness, dilated pupils, loss of appetite, hypersalivation, confusion, and loss of coordination. 
  • Come side effects if dogs are allergic to tomatoes are cardiac effects, loss of coordination, muscle weakness, tremors, and seizures. 
  • There is a toxic substance present in tomatoes which is tomatine. 

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Tomatoes should be given to dogs in small quantities but not in large amounts as it can be harmful to them to consume in large portions. They help in digestion for dogs and also provide vitamin A and vitamin C minerals and nutrients which are healthy for dogs. Tomatoes are a treasure store of vitamins, minerals, and organic compounds that contribute to your dog’s health.

If you have one so your dog can’t chew in the stem or leaves of the plant. In most cases, dogs eat whatever we are eating and also what they want to eat. Whether it is a juicy beef tomato or juicy beef steak, your dog wants to help you finish it. Generally, dog veterans will not recommend feeding table scraps to dogs. Tomatoes are beneficial for dogs as they contain all-natural nutrients and minerals which help dogs in health issues, improving eyesight, managing diabetes, and promoting dog’s health.


1. So, can dogs have some tomatoes?

Yes, they can eat tomatoes but only the actual fruit and only when the fruit is ripe. Tomatoes have been renewed for its health superpowers. Dogs can eat tomatoes whether it is a plum tomato you picked from your backyard or the grocery store. If the tomatoes are grown in your backyard then it can be beneficial for you and your dogs as well. 

2. What are the side effects of Dogs eating tomatoes?

If your dog chewed some tomato leaves by accident he or she will most likely have diarrhea and vomiting. Common side effects which are seen in dogs are as follows:

  • Lethargy 
  • Muscle weakness 
  • Confusion 
  • Loss of coordination 
  • Loss of appetite 

3. How to feed your dog tomatoes? 

The preparation of tomatoes is straight forward. The tomato should be ripe and juicy. Wash tomatoes thoroughly. Cut off the green parts and start with a few slices. If this is your dog’s first time eating tomatoes, I suggest you start with a few slices. They should be given when it’s their mealtime and should avoid giving tomatoes regularly. 

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