Cloud Security vs On premise Security, Which is More Secure?

The cloud is clearly different from on-premises aids, so it creates the reason that security would be different, too. Here is the comparison cloud security vs on premise security.

Cloud Security vs On premise Security

This era of the digital world has already evolved humans in every possible way. Lives have become dependent on digital appliances totally.

Naturally, we are bound to the tendency of digitally organized life and the work related to it. Social Media is life right now in small business to big scale industrial work. There are various spectacular hosting platforms which can help in monetizing your work digitally.

But, only hosting platforms will not work. You have to check if it is secured or not. Security is at a prior position for digital work and an increasingly vital aspect of business operations. If your network is not secure, your data could be at risk. It can be stolen or held for ransom. Cloud and On-premise introduce us to one of the good security platforms.

So, for making your work easy we have something that is highlighted in these security platforms. An insight that will help you to make the right decisions for your business to be secured.


Cloud Security

What is actually cloud security? It refers to a set of procedures, technologies, policies, and controls that all together come to protect information on cloud-based servers. It provides users with capabilities to store and process their data in third-party data centers. It also refers to the delivery of hosted services, including software, hardware, and strength over the Internet. It is a type of responsibility that is shared between cloud providers and customers. Cloud security can lead to having more privacy and security in terms of their digital data storage and less physical activities. They are very flexible and can be used in various ways. People who own big Multinational corporations tend to choose cloud security. 

On-premise Security

On the other hand, on-premises security measures physically on-premises of the business. On-premise security refers to both rules and tools to protect the security and accessibility of computer networks. Clearly, on-premises security can get complicated, as it involves both physical security and traditional IT security measures.

With on-premise security, your servers and data are physically located in your office, and you can use backup and disaster recovery software to extract data when you need it during a network failure. This point is good in on-premise security.


Based on your priorities, either type of security could be a good fit for your business. So, keep reading to know the benefits of each type.

Cloud Security

Security Quality

With cloud-based security, data center employees are there to protect your data. On other hand, if you only have IT personnel to protect your data, then employees will be distracted by other tasks, which means they might not focus on solely protecting your data.

Some businesses could find cloud security to be more secure because your data is not physically at your office for hackers with bad intentions to easily take it.

Storage Immortality

With cloud storage, your data is housed in a data center forever. This is a benefit, as more and more job operations move online, having your data already in the data center can bloom your business process.

But, with on-premise data centers break, cost, and time to move your data can be a burden.



On-premise is totally customizable as your entire network, including your servers and data, are in your office. So, it allows for developing a customized solution that will fit their specific needs.


On-premise could be cheaper for small to medium-sized businesses. Already having internal dedicated IT staff could save money for outsourcing support.

Keep in mind that if your servers break or become outdated, the cost of replacing them is on you only.


Are you still confused about the security benefits and issues for each type of security platform? So, here’s a straightforward look at cloud security vs on-premise security.

Cloud Security

Cloud security is highly automated, which means less work for IT staff members.

● By using cloud security you can access your files anywhere, your security also goes everywhere with you. Even on the go, you will be sure about the security levels that cloud security provides its users.

Cloud security offers specialized options. Using these options you can always choose the perfect plan for your business.

● To ensure that your cloud provider allows for compliance with necessary regulations.


● Security measures and resources are limited by location in on-premise security. Whoever and whatever will be available physically with any number of security and weapons will ensure the level of security that the on-premise security can provide.

On-premises allow you to configure your system the way you like, but a high level of expertise is needed. Therefore there are fewer chances that you will be able to handle things on your own.

● You can retain all of your data and remain in control of what happens to it. The data that is present for you physically can be kept with you and discarded according to you. 

On-premises security can be a synonym of “hands-on security.” With this approach, your security is your responsibility all alone. The people that you hire a person, he must have a good level of security, and if he is careless or doesn’t understand the importance of protecting the business, company, or data you might face problems as everything is dependent on you and your decisions.

Final Verdict

It’s up to you whether or not to choose cloud-based security measures over on-premise. Both the security platforms have attained a lot of features and are in cutthroat competition.

The cloud is no more or less secure than on-premise security as people on both sides make mistakes. Depending on their features and your level of understanding, we urge you to choose the right security platform that can help you to achieve great heights in your business. Multinational companies and corporations usually hire people to work with both types of security. They need physical security from on-premise security levels and at the same time for complete protection of data and information including various servers, websites,s, etc, they take up the security provided by cloud security.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is cloud security more secure than on-premise security?

Researchers state that 61 percent of times both these platforms were prone to similar kinds of breaches and some researchers state that the security levels of on-premise can be higher but there are only a few chances of that being the case.

Why is cloud security better than on-premise security?

Cloud security tends to be more flexible and it makes sure that everything is updated for your use and you don’t have to worry about the updating process of your system. Cloud security doesn’t consist of any physically available data, therefore, it is safer in certain aspects than on-premise security. 

How does cloud security compare to on-premise security?

Cloud security is generally inexpensive because you do not have to pay capital on determining hardware, plus you do not have to continuously monitor the security levels. On-premises security, on the other hand, is precisely what it sounds like security regulations physically on the premises of a business. 

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