Cloudflare Pro vs Free: Should You Use It or Not? Real User Opinion [2021]

A tool one can use for protection. CloudFlare pro! Super easy to set up and put to use. An extra blanket of protection for your web page. 


I am assuming that you are here to get to know a little more about Cloudflare and the Cloudflare Pro plans. But are you sure this is what you are looking for? Well, a question that depends on your answer to the next question. 

If you are someone who is losing hair over the lack of protection your constructed work possesses, then, I am pretty sure you are in search of some free of cost DDoS, DNS, and CDS shielding, a software that provides a little security for your web and shields any online sites. 

Cloudflare can solve some of the biggest problems regarding the Internet. 

Well, Keep reading to discover how and other important things like the key features CloudFlare has developed and what exactly is Cloudflare! Don’t wait to be impressed, read further.

What is Cloudflare? 

I bet some of the people who have used Cloudflare (including me) would agree with me when I say that this platform is your substructure for all the infrastructure, teams, and applications you need. 

The best thing about Cloudflare is that it consists of a combination many products do not offer and a combination that is desired by many people, the combination being, enhanced performance of a web into CDN and security of webs. 

You would do well to remember that when initiating business with a supplier or client, your APIs, web page, and applications are extremely important and since most of these things are being performed online, it is essential to set a seal on the reliability, security, and performance here. 

While this is almost everything you get, some of the higher tier packages offer better security than the free plan. Well, to give you an example of what I mean by higher security, let’s say that you will have about another 3 or 5, or 7 layers of advanced protection from DDoS and the site you own is more likely to benefit from the Web Application Firewall. 

Oh, Luckily, this is also something CloudFlare can take full responsibility and it won’t let you down. 


When we consider using something for something big, it is important to know what all we would be offered. So, using that logic, let’s proceed to take a look at the features Cloudflare consists of! 

  • You have some interesting apps built into the tool already. 
  • The network is super fast and can deliver content globally.  
  • Access to applications is secure. 
  • Balancing loads of content is something Cloudflare is good at. 
  • The register is secure to work with too. 
  • The DNS you are to use is pretty powerful, secure, and fast, making it all the better! 
  • TLS/ SSL is offered. 
  • The routing is Argo Smart to give you the best! 
  • Protection from DDoS. 
  • Optimizations for the web page you own. 
  • Caching Local storage.
  • The protocol they follow is usually the DNSSEC one. 
  • Limiting the rate. 
  • A firewall application for your web page. 
  • An AutoMinify is offered too!  
  • A full loader for a rocket. 
  • Optimization for your browser. 
  • A pusher for your server is available too!  

Cloudflare Pro vs Free

You can use it for free! Well, I should probably mention that a paid plan is available too to keep the review factual. But let’s get directly to the business, shall we? 

The free plan that Cloudflare offers can give you the following things:

  • The DDoS mitigation is unmetered. 
  • The Global CND. 
  • You can share certificates regarding SSL.
  • The mode “I’m Under Attack” is cool!
  • You get full access to the apps provided under Cloudflare. 
  • Also, you get to explore the Audit Logs account. 
  • The WAF is included with the rulesets of Cloudflare. 
  • If you choose a high-end package, you are capable of uploading a custom shared SSL of yours. 
  • You get customer support for 24/7 hours but only on the top tier packs. 

As for the Cloudflare Pro packages, you will get these features added to the things mentioned above in the free plan: 

  • Site protection better than almost any other! 
  • The site crawling can be pretty much frequent too. 
  • Wonderful optimization for the mobiles. 
  • And you also get protection for DDoS here. 

Of course, you must be wondering which plan is the best suited for you, no? Well, no worries because let me tell you, I was just as confused too. So, just read the para below to declare the winner of the war of CloudFlare Pro Vs Free! 

If you are someone looking for safety and security for a website that is pretty much professional and has people working there, the Pro version is your go-to. 

Although, unless you are facing much trouble with the outsiders, an extra sheet of protection can turn out to be a disadvantage. Why is that? Well, because this would just make your web page a little harder to get in and use and you never know how many would be interested to put so much effort into that. 

While when it comes to the free plan, you can use it if you are starting up alone and just need a tool that allows you to block IP addresses or need to identify them, then, use up the free version!


Cloudflare is one of the best tools you can to save yourself from those dangerous bots that might as well crawl into your web page and plan a harvest on the email addresses. So, yes, the tool also offers protection from the scrapping of your content. I can tell you all about it but let’s just say that when it comes to security, Cloudflare offers it against many things you didn’t know could harm your website. 

For instance, the DDoS attacks, encryption of SSL, use of cross-site for scripting, HTTP/2, injections injected with SQL, and spamming of comments. There is additional security to this if a Pro plan is chosen to work with. See what I mean? Yes, I think that this tool is great! But if you aren’t so sure about it or tight on cash, just use the free version for a while and update to the higher tier packages if you can and want to. 


What are the disadvantages of CloudFlare? 

A few of the disadvantages are listed below:

  • You get better security on paid packages only. 
  • The analytics and stats are pretty limited. 

What is your billing date going to be if you choose a Pro package? 

The day of the month on which you decided to use a Pro plan and choose one is the date of your billing every month. 

For instance, you decide to upgrade to the Cloudflare Pro version on the 8th of august, you will be charged on the 8th of every month until the site crashes down you decide to quit using it.  

What are the advantages of CloudFlare? 

Here are some pros of CloudFlare: 

  • You get a free version with some basic features. 
  • The interface you will use is intuitive. So is the setup. 
  • It is capable of catching all the dynamic content and static.  

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