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Google Guaranteed Program

What is Google Guaranteed Program?

Google is constantly thriving and making efforts to provide clarity among its customers. Trust is a major factor, when it comes to, providing, or receiving services. Any sort of service provider is considered successful, only when their customers are satisfied. In order to uphold this basic necessity, Google has come up with a local service ad feature, called Google Guaranteed Program that helps to increase trust in customers and prevent fraudulent services. This feature is available in the US and Canada, for a limited number of professional service providers, including HVAC technicians, plumbers, locksmiths, etc. A thorough background check will be done, which includes verification of certificates and the vendors ought to qualify this advanced security authentication by Google. In this world of plastic money and virtual greetings, marketing also has its base in the digital path. Using numerous creative strategies, successfully, online marketing has been a milestone in the growth of the world’s economy. The data from Zendesk shows that customer service plays a vital role in building trust, in any company. 

Marketing efficiency can be gained in two ways: The ads made by the trusted companies are believed by the consumers and they tend to react, based on the ads.

How does it work?

 A small, green tick mark represents that the service provider is verified by Google and upholds your business above most of your competitors and promotes your business atop the search results. Such other marks are used in social media platforms as well. The premium placement and getting approved by Google will help your business get listed for the local search area. 

Google Guarantee listings are not the same as the traditional ad campaigns. According to the service requested, and based on the user’s location, local search listings are done. Your local service ad comprises of your business name, google review score, your service location, and phone number. In case a user contacts the service provider, via google’s local service listings, he will be charged a flat fee. The charge is considered only for real leads like phone calls, and not a click on the website. 

 You will be able to edit your weekly budget, your business hours according to your schedule, your areas of service, if you wish to shift or expand your enterprise, as well as your job types. 

How to manage your leads?

Once you launch your business ad, you will be able to navigate to the leads tab from the dashboard. This can be done on the website, as well as android/ios. After reviewing the leads, you will have three options, namely

  1. Reply to the customers, via text message or email
  2. Call the customer using the number they had listed
  3. Decline the job request, and this will be notified to the customer and will be removed from your listing.

Professional results

One major aspect of the  Google Guaranteed Program, the users get is that Google ensures the quality of their vendors’ business to the extent that the user may be refunded up to 2000$, in case he is not satisfied. However, the services booked through local services are eligible for this guarantee. The user must submit a claim to Google, within 30 days of receiving the service. After proper investigation and thorough checking with the vendor, Google will come up with a satisfactory resolution. These reimbursements vary in terms of amount, from country to country. Here is a list of the utmost limits a user may claim, in a lifetime. 

  • United States: $2,000
  • Canada: CAD $2,000
  • United Kingdom: GBP £1,500
  • Ireland: EUR €1,500
  • Spain: EUR €1,500
  • France: EUR €1,500
  • Italy: EUR €1,500
  • Netherlands: EUR €1,500
  • Germany: EUR €1,500
  • Austria: EUR €1,500
  • Belgium: EUR €1,500
  • Switzerland: CHF ₣2,000

The Authentication Process

Businesses that want to participate in the Google Guaranteed Program, are not charged. The authentication process involves complete background chacks about criminal records or national sex offenders, terrorist activity, civil litigations, recorded in the registries of the US. The background checks are performed by Local background check partners and the information obtained during the process is kept highly confidential between the businesses and the ones who ran the checks. Aggregated data about the businesses will be sent to Google, in case of emergency. Google publishes the eligibility criteria, in the general category, for advertising purposes of the businesses. The owner or the manager must run the background check on behalf of the company and will be held responsible, in the future. 

Pricing/ Managing budget

In your business profile, you can as well manage your budget and pricing. You will be charged per lead and not a click, with Google servicing ads. Increasing or decreasing your budget will have a direct impact on the number of leads you get per month.


  • Your business will be seen atop the search results
  • More confident customers with the badge of verification
  • Potential customers looking for local service providers will mostly book
  • Simple tools are available to create a customized profile of your own
  • Requested to pay only for the leads your business earns
  • Your business is most likely to be listed under the local service provider, with the google verified badge
  • Ease of handling, as it is supported on most devices like mobile, laptop, tab, etc.
  • Advantageous for locksmiths, plumbers, etc
  • Curbs fraudulent
  • Helps connect the right service provider to the right user
  • Past customer reviews to help the users choose the best
  • No keyword required to manage your business ad


  • Currently available only in the US and Canada
  • The setup might be difficult initially
  • If the businesses do not respond to the leads, for a while, their ad ranking may drop
  • Handymen, who are not licensed might have a tough time during the screening process
  • The reimbursement will not be done, of the additional payment done or any payment, that is not in the record of the google local service provider section.

How do I get Google Guaranteed?

  • First, you will need to get listed on Google My Business
  • Make your way to the ‘Local Service Ads’ from Google
  • Enter the credentials
  • Select the city your business is in and your hours
  • Select the services you are willing to provide
  • Enter license number
  • Request your clients to send a few reviews
  • Authentication process and screening
  • Upload insurance/bond copies
  • Say ‘Publish your local service ad’
  • Complete the filling of your application form in the following website


How much does Google Guaranteed Program cost?

Google Guarantee program, charges you per each lead you get, through the Google ad. 

On what service criteria may I claim a reimbursement?

In case the customer is not satisfied with the quality of service provided, Google will look into the matter thoroughly and provide a satisfactory resolution. A customer may claim their request and will be refunded up to 2000$ in case of bad quality service. 

How do I manage my leads?

You will be able to manage your leads with three options:

  • REPLY via text or email
  • CALL to the number provided
  • DECLINE the job request and the customer will be notified. 

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