How Much Is An Ultrasound Without Insurance?

How Much Is An Ultrasound Without Insurance?

Your doctor may recommend an ultrasound if you have abnormal issues or feel pain. With an ultrasound, it is able to detect whether something is wrong or not. The test is painless and quick to complete. And when it comes to taking an ultrasound, you will start exploring the costs that are related to the procedure. You can find the cost for an ultrasound here.

Typical costs for an ultrasound without insurance

Based on the type of ultrasound, the price tag on that may vary. The cost for an ultrasound without insurance can be expected as low as $30, if it is for a bone ultrasound, and the cost may go up to $1,200, in cases if it is taken for an eye.

The cost for OB ultrasound for pregnancy without insurance

Below is the cost list that will provide the e cost for an ultrasound in California, New York, and Texas.

  • New York: $190 – $490
  • Texas: $200 – $500
  • California: $180 – $800

Performing an ultrasound for pregnant women

High-frequency sound waves are used in ultrasound that will be inaudible to our human ears. They are transmitted through the abdomen and they tend to produce images of the baby in the womb. Ultrasound is also mentioned in the name of a sonogram. An ultrasound is recommended for pregnant women at 20 weeks to confirm the health status of the placenta and to know about the growth and development of the baby.

A pregnant woman generally goes through 2-3 ultrasound procedures to ensure a healthy pregnancy. The first ultrasound will be performed in the first trimester of 8-13 weeks. This ultrasound is done to confirm the pregnancy. The second ultrasound will be carried out in 18 to 20 weeks. This is done with the purpose of checking the baby’s health, its gender, and to know about any abnormalities.

If in case, it is required, the physician may recommend taking a third ultrasound in the third trimester period.

If the parents like to have a 3D or 4D scan of the baby, the cost for this 3D a three-dimensional image of the baby is around $65. And a 4D ultrasound that generates a video of the baby when it is awake and moving may cost around $125.

Typical costs involved in pregnant women ultrasound

  • The cost of ultrasound that is done by a licensed medical professional or a registered medical diagnostic sonographer will be generally around $200. It can be covered under if it is considered as medical necessary.
  • If the mother of the baby likes to see the baby or to know about out its sex, then you may not get the pay from the insurance company.

Additional costs involved

The “keepsake” ultrasounds which are done at stand-alone ultrasound facilities are performed for 3-D images and the cost for such can range from $99 and go up to $300 for videos, black-and-white pictures, and CD photo slideshows and color photos.

The standalone ultrasound facilities cost very affordable to you compared with ultrasound performed at a hospital. On average, these ultrasounds will cost you around $99 to $300.

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