How Much Is Invisalign Without Insurance?

If you are thinking about braces, you have more options to choose for improving your teeth. Invisalign is considered as an excellent alternative for traditional braces. This helps in straightening your teeth without the notice of anyone. Though it is a quiet way, the thing is it is very expensive.

Hence many are left with the question that of how much is invisalign without insurance. Invisalign is an effective and convenient orthodontic treatment and let this guide tell you about the cost involved for that.

Invisalign benefits

In contrast to the conventional braces, this invisalign can be removed. With this customized aligner, it is possible to straighten and arrange the teeth without being noticed by others and without the hassle of non-removable braces. For this invisalign, scan of teeth will be taken, converted to as a computer generated image and prepared as a mold. This is designed uniquely for the use of an individual. So, it is easy to remove, for drinking, brushing and eating. You don’t have any limits for hard or chewable food items. No need for any periodic adjustments. The doctor will simply change the aligners for every two week that can be considered for a 6-8 months duration period. However, the thing to be noted here is that invisalign is not suitable for everyone.

The cost for invisalign with insurance

The sad part is most of the insurance companies don’t treat Invisalign under the dental treatment costs, since it is considered to be a cosmetic treatment. So, it is hard to find covered for such treatments. However, it purely depends on the insurance provider and coverage of you and in cases of coverage; you can expect a discount of 25% to 50% of the overall treatment costs.

Remember, that most of the insurance companies come with a lifetime limit when it comes to dental costs. This means that you have to pay the remaining amount after the provider has done their part in terms of expenses. With some dental insurance, the cost can cover up to $3,500.

The average cost for invisalign without insurance

You can’t say any flat rate pricing for Invisalign treatment since it is based on the number of visits required and the condition aligners you need. The best way to get the exact estimation is to visit a dentist or orthodontist for the customized treatment option.

The official website for Invisalign reveals the average cost to be ranged from $3,000 – $9,000. However, there are many factors that come into play here and also it varies from patient to patient. The factors include:

  • Severity of the problem
  • Your oral health status
  • Number of visits required or the treatment period
  • Geographic location
  • The experience of the dentist

If you need only a single aligner alone for the upper or lower jaw, then the cost is quite affordable. But if you are in need of a full aligner for all teeth, then the price may go around 5000$. All depends on the specific requirement. What you should pay for depends on numerous factors as listed above. Each factor has its significant influence on the final price you pay.

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