How To Change Carrier Name On iPhone

Let’s learn How to Change Carrier Name on iPhone and replace logos with custom logos or texts, with or without jailbreaking your phone.

How To Change Carrier Name On iPhone

According to the marketing guidelines for apple products, it is stated in the “Status Bar” heading that the seller should never display the carrier’s name when working with screenshots of their iPhones. Moreover, there are so many worthier things that can be shown in your Phone’s status bar besides what carrier you’re shelling your money out to.

The Basics

Well, there are many methods to avoid this problem. You can edit your screenshot using tools like Pixelmator or any editing tools. If this solution doesn’t suit you as it takes a lot of time there are other options available. You can get rid of this carrier name forever or can replace it with something cooler. Ever since Cydia released Zeppelin, changing your carrier name to more personalized logos have been so easy. They provide options like Assassin Insignia, Pac-Man, or the coolest of them all the Triforce. Interesting right? Well, as you may have guessed all this will require you to jailbreak your iPhone, install, and use Cydia.

Some of you guys may be familiar with the term jailbreaking. If yes, please skip ahead to the next paragraph to continue reading. If not bear with as I explain what jailbreaking is. In a nutshell jailbreaking is the process that allows an iPhone user to gain complete control to root the operating system and gain access to all the features. It involves removing all the limitations imposed by the company on the phone. Similarly ‘rooting’ is the term used by android users for removing the limitations on the phone.

Now that we have looked into the basics, without any further ado let’s dive deep into how to change the carrier name on your iPhone status bar using different methods.

How to Jailbreak your iPhone and change the carrier logo

There are mainly 4 methods for jailbreaking your iPhone, namely tethered jailbreak, semi-tethered jailbreak, untethered jailbreak, and semi-untethered jailbreak. Yea, these are big words. But don’t worry jailbreaking your iPhone is a very easy thing to do. Using an application like Cydia you won’t even need any computer skills for this job. These ways will help you change the carrier name on the iPhone.

Here we will be discussing the method of jailbreak your iPhone using Chekra1n, a very simple method. Let’s get started.

1. Using Checkra1n you can get going on iPhones with iOS 12, 13,14 but not 14.1. so the first step will be to determine that your phone is matched with Checkra1n.

2. Go to the Chekra1n administrative website. Choose the download option for your version of Linux. Remember Chekra1n is the semi-tethered jailbreak. So it will function till your iPhone is rebooted. Then you will have to reactivate Chekra1n.

3. Open the Download folder and install Checkra1n. There are instructions on how to install the file. Follow them. On Mac, you can simply drag and drop the icon into the applications folder.

4. Connect your phone to your computer. Click on the Checkr1n icon and double-check if your phone detects Checkra1n.

5. Clicking on the start button will start the jailbreak process.

6. Select the Next button. This will start the recovery process. You will have to put your phone on Device Firmware Update mode. Your computer will provide step by step instructions to do this. Once the DFU mode is activated, the Chekra1n logo will be seen on your screen along with the Apple logo.

7. This will allow you to install Cydia on your iPhone. The rest of the process is a piece of cake

8. Open the Cydia on your phone. install Zeppelin. Once the tweak is downloaded into your computer click on ‘ restart SpringBoard’.

9. Now you can just open Zeppelin and pick out a logo. there are options to switch the carrier name with a customized text. Just select the “Carrier Text” on the screen.

10. Coming back to the logos, there are myriad other logos available on Zeppelin. They have even included the option for you to search for a particular logo. It is seen that some of the logos may not work on some phones. Don’t fret it, you got tons of other options. But it is recommended that you uninstall the non- functional ones to save precious storage space.

Methods to change your carrier name on your iPhone without Jailbreaking

The above-mentioned method of changing the carrier name is pretty simple. The only problem with it is that you cannot use this method for the latest iPhones which are yet to be jailbroken. Even without jailbreaking you can change carrier name on your iPhone.

Well, all hail Uhelios, which is an iOS coder which helps you, change the carrier name on your iPhone without jailbreaking. 

Carrier Editor is one way to this. Carrier Editor is a third-party application that can be downloaded to your phone. It generates a modified version of a carrier update onto your desktop and you simply use iTunes to install it. Go to their official website and search “CarrierChanger12“The download should start automatically. If not, go to the home page and click on the logo. Once downloaded, you will have to verify it.

One the Carrier Editor is downloaded, verified, and installed, it will show three files. You will need the other files later. Open Carrier Editor. You will have to find out the carrier version of your phone. This can be found in the “about” section on your phone. Now feed this information into the Carrier Editor. If there is any mistake it won’t work. So be careful. Copying and pasting the name will be easier.

Time to customize your logo. You can otherwise choose any pre-designed logo from the Zeppelin folder. Told you, we will need those folders later. Choosing a logo from Zeppelin is pretty easy. Just drag and drop it.

The pre-designed logos on Zeppelin don’t interest you? Well, the good news is that you can create your own logo design. The only restriction is that it should not be more than 20 pixels. For doing that, open the image editor and drag the desired image there. Crop the image to suit your needs. Save this on a separate file, and name it so you can easily locate it. Now go to the Carrier Editor and follow the same steps as you did before, only now instead of Zeppelin you will choose the folder which contains the image that you have selected. The fun part is that you can even use emojis.

You have done it! Easy enough right?

Important note: when using a third-party app it may be wise to back up your iOS device. Well, precaution is better than cure right.


Lots of us use iPhone screenshots for business. And the fact that you cannot show your carrier name in those screenshots makes it difficult. In this article, we have discussed different methods to change the carrier name on the status bar with or without jailbreaking your phone. You can change your carrier name into pre-designed logos or to customized texts or pictures. Always keep in mind to back up your phone and you will be fine.

Hope I was of some help to you through this article. Well, hope you had fun.


Can you remove the carrier name on iPhone?

You can’t remove the same but you can hide it using a single space.

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