How to Destroy Metal Credit Card 2021

How do you get rid of your metal credit card so that thieves can’t take it? Can you cancel your account, or get a replacement?

How to Destroy Metal Credit Card

It is possible to destroy metal cards in a safer and easier way: Ask your card issuer to provide a prepaid envelope.

Most card issuers will send out a replacement card if you request one. Your card will be safely disposed of by the issuer. If you are unable to access a bank card issuing bank, or a commercial shredder for your card, you can request a pre-paid envelope.

Mail your distributor

You can return your metal credit card that has been compromised or expired to your dealer to make sure it is in good condition.

A distributor might attach an envelope with a prepaid mail to your new card. This will allow you to recycle or dispose of your old card.

Send it back to the bank branch.

If you prefer to have the handoff personally, you can visit the brick and mortar location of your issuing bank. You can discuss your options with a representative from your bank’s physical location, even though each issuer may have a different policy.

Stay away

It’s fine to just lose your card to avoid your balance becoming too high. You should make sure your card is safe, easily accessible, and protect your information if you keep it at home.

It is not a good idea to close your account if you don’t want your credit score to be at risk. This allows you to manage your card access in the event of an emergency.

Destroy it yourself.

If you know you don’t need the card again, it is possible to destroy it yourself.

Even though ordinary kitchen knives are less likely to damage a metal credit card than other types, they can still be used to cut it into large pieces. Tin sniper knives are used to cut sheet steel and other hard materials. This trick should be applied to any metal card. This is a quick and easy way to eliminate DIY.

You don’t need a lot of photos, but there are lots of creative ways that cardholders have destroyed their metal credit cards. There are everything from Bluetooths to firepits and pins.

Although these aren’t practical methods to destroy your card cards, they can be quite entertaining if you keep the metal out of the microwave as well as the intersection of your home. Chase says that his metal cards all have a voucher at the back that states they should not be torn.

Don’t trust third party service.

This is a scam if your goal is to find a third-party service that will destroy your metal credit card. Your bank should be the only person who has access to your metal credit cards.


It’s a bit more difficult to dispose of credit cards made from metal than plastic. The best and most secure solution in most cases is to contact the credit card issuer to ask for a recommendation regarding proper disposal of your metal creditcard.

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