How To See Wifi Password On Android

How to see wifi password on Android: There are various ways you can use android’s trick and get surprised. There are some tricks which are just in front of your eye but you are not aware of it.

How to See Wifi Password on Android

Generally, we know about the hidden tactics of gadgets and devices around us. There are some which we are hardly aware of. Yes, many of the tricks which we aren’t aware of but are fascinating to us. We almost share it with our friends and try it again and again. We all do that. Maximum people around us use smartphones which are android embedded. This is the system which is used by the maximum of us. It is simple to use and thus anybody can learn and adapt it. Generally we go through remembering the passwords and we tend to forget it easily. It is a big fuss to remember the passwords and more over when we forget it. There are various coffee shops and restaurants installed with the wi-fi. School, home and everywhere you go is installed with wi-fi. Now the question is what if you want to look into the password section and know what is its password? Well, it is something which I am here to inform you and reveal the secret to view the password of the connected wi-fi. There are different methods for the different types of android, so for some methods, it must have that specific android version to run into.


Method 1


If you are a user of android-10 then here is the method to see the wifi password. Just follow the steps to know more. As android is a simple version it has simple features and steps to follow some tactics. When you enter the setting of the wifi. Go to settings for the sub-option of wifi setting to choose from. Choose the wifi subheading from the settings and open it.


When you go to the wifi setting page and open through the wifi option, there will be some wifi names available through which you were connected before. Select and click on that to proceed further.


When you select a wifi option which you were connected before. The share option will be present on top of the wifi’s name. . When you choose “share” option, you have to add your present password or any PIN that you have kept for your device. You can select that by giving the password and you can view the password easily. A scanning option is also available by which scanning is possible by QR scanner. Password will be visible below the code and can view and copy the password and use it.This method is concerned with the android-10 and upper versions only. There are different methodology which is followed for various versions.

Method 2

It is a method for android-9 and its lower version. It is that which will be used only for these specific version. Follow the steps mentioned below and know the secret behind it.


We all know that various apps are developed for what we do in our daily lives. Each and everything is having its own app developed which are available on the google. Similarly for android-9, you can install the app from play store. Wifi password viewer named app is present in it and you apply it when it is downloaded.


Install the app. Activate the installed app on your device. After you activate it on your device go to the wifi setting where all the listed wifi options. Two options will be provided from your app “grant” and “deny”. You have to choose the grant option to view the password. After you grant the permission, each password of the following wifi option will be shown beneath it. Passwords will be visible below the name of the wifi options you chose before. You can also share these passwords with other devices. Before that, you have to choose and select some options. A small menu will pop up which will give you an option to access passwords. By copying pasting it. You can share it with other devices and they can connect it easily too. This makes an easy task to share, view, and access the passwords of wifi with everybody and  yourself too.


If not these, you can also do it by generating the code. Yes, scanning the QR code and copying it makes it more easy for ios and pixel users devices. They can simply open up the camera and scan the code easily. The pop-up button will automatically appear when it is scanned. By this, one can  automatically connect with the  wi-fi network around you.

These are some steps that      make your work easy as well as you don’t have to worry for saving  then forgetting passwords. In case by any chance, you want to remember that password, you do not need to go and rest the passwords again. You can simply follow the above-mentioned steps and can know your passwords. As mentioned earlier these steps are available for the android 10 and 9 versions. If it is below 9 versions they can simply choose steps of version 9 and if the android version is above 10, they can simply choose the steps of android v


By this, we can conclude that these are some of the small and basic tactics which we rarely are aware of but are very simple. You can easily follow these steps and follow them. These small tactics are so important that it can save your time and keep the s you stress-free about remembering the passwords and forgetting it. When other devices want to connect it and you don’t remember the password you can view the password from your phone itself by following the simple steps mentioned above and know the password and share it with the other devices.


Are these tactics helpful?

Yes, these are some of the methodologies which you can easily follow for viewing the password which is very much helpful to us in daily life.

Do we have to pay for the app which is present in the google play store?

No, the app present in the google play store for viewing the password is free and you can simply download it from the play store and use it. 

In the lower android version, what is the method to view the password?

In the version of Android 9 and below it, you can simply download the app from the play store and use it.

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