Who is Matthew Muller Wife? Know Everything About Huei Jiun Dai 2024

Matthew Muller Wife? The 2015 kidnapping and sexual assault case of Denise Huskins brought fame to Matthew Muller, a Marine and former lawyer with a Harvard education.

With the exception of his wife, Huei Jiun Dai, almost little is known about Muller’s life following his incarceration, during which he is serving a 40-year term. Investigate Dai and her relationship to Muller in depth.

Matthew Muller Family

Matthew Muller’s parents were shocked and dismayed by the accusations, according to Steve Reed, a close friend of the suspected kidnapper.

Reed was taken aback and offended by the charges because he has been great friends with Muller’s parents for many years.

In an interview, Steve claimed to have known Matthew Muller his whole life. He gripped Muller so tightly that he called him “Uncle Steve” even when he was a newborn.

He was a standout student at Fair Oaks’ Bella Vista High, according to Reed, a former police officer.

As a trumpet player in the United States Marines, Matthew Muller was the kind of son his parents could be proud of.

After receiving such wonderful news—which they were not anticipating in the least—Muller’s parents were sad, Steve said.

It has been reported that both of Matthew Muller’s parents, Monty and Joyce, are educators by profession.

The article cites a former Bella Vista High School English instructor who said that Muller was a “high-achievement student” who wasn’t special in any other way.

Matt Muller was supposedly characterised as “a really sweet guy” by a professor at Harvard Law School who knew him before he tried to play the part of a “gentleman criminal” and participate in weapon-free ransom abduction.

Emily Gumper, an attorney in Portland and a former colleague of Muller’s at the San Francisco firm, was “surprised and shocked” to learn about his arrest.

It has been said that following his high school years, Matthew Muller served in the Marines. It seems like he may have begun showing symptoms of mental illness after serving in the military.

Notwithstanding this, he excelled academically, going on to achieve summa cum laude awards from Pomona College and the bar.

Formerly known as Reeves & Associates, he worked for six months as an employee of immigration company Reeves Miller Zhang & Diza. During this time, he informed clients that he was launching his own business and quit suddenly. His departure was predicated on his decision to embezzle proprietary company information.

Muller “boldly and stealthily” gained access to the firm’s network, took information, and tried to conceal his tracks by utilising a computer programme to delete traces of his activities, according to a 2011 federal court complaint submitted by Reeves.

Even though Muller denied it, the company insisted they had security footage of him napping in the workplace.

Why did Matthew Muller kidnap Denise Huskins?

A California residence belonging to Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn was broken into by Matthew Muller on the evening of March 23, 2015. He pinned them to the ground, tied them up, and administered a sedative while brandishing a stun pistol and a fake gun.

Muller added tension by playing a menacing message that threatened physical harm if they disobeyed. Afterwards, he loaded Denise into the trunk of his car and headed to his South Lake Tahoe residence. As he videotaped himself, he subjected her to horrific acts.

He demanded $17,000 through ominous emails addressed to Aaron. Unexpectedly, he released Denise at Huntington Beach two days later without collecting any payment.

How did the police catch Muller?

Things became extremely difficult for Aaron Quinn after Denise Huskins vanished. He was considered a possible suspect by the police, who later accused the pair of fabricating the abduction plot. However, something significant was discovered on June 8, 2015, by the Dublin Police.

Already in hot water for another offence, Matthew Muller was apprehended. He made an attempt to abduct a girl in Dublin. Using his cell phone as a trail, the police were able to locate his South Lake Tahoe cottage, where they uncovered information relevant to Huskins’ case.

Additionally, the FBI investigated Muller’s life by searching his cabin and other locations associated with him. They discovered a disturbing audio tape on Muller’s PC, which corroborated his statements to Huskins and Quinn. Even more shocking is the fact that they uncovered footage of Muller brutally abusing Huskins.

The abduction of Huskins and Quinn was confessed to by Muller in September 2015. In 2022, he entered a not-guilty plea to rape charges and acknowledged to other offences connected to Huskins’ case.

Mathew Muller: Punishments

Federal agents searched a storage locker in Vallejo on July 1 after Matthew Muller was arrested in June and took many things from it.

A four-channel wireless video camera, four or five drones, a “stained mattress pad,” and duct tape were among the items that were likely connected to the abduction of Denise Huskins.

A “weight loss medication,” 42 tablets, a “sensual massage lubricant,” women’s cosmetics, and two key cards to the Hyatt Hotel were also included in the inventory.

When he was arrested, Muller was also driving a white Mustang that had been stolen, however the identity of the vehicle’s rightful owner is still unknown.

In Arizona, in FCI Tucson, Matthew Muller is completing his jail term. He pled confessed to a federal abduction allegation in 2017 and received a 40-year sentence.

A further 31 years in prison were handed down to Matthew Muller in 2022. After admitting guilt to charges involving home burglary, wrongful imprisonment, robbery of an unoccupied residence, and two counts of rape, Muller pleaded no contest.

Is Matthew Muller Still Married? 

San Mateo County was the site of Dai’s divorce petition filing in December 2022. Court documents indicate that the litigation regarding the dissolution of the marriage is still ongoing. So, Muller’s marriage is still valid. 

​​Who Is Matthew Muller Wife? 

As per the court documents that Hollywood Life was able to access, Muller is wed to Huei Jiun Dai

Who is Huei Jiun Dai?

Reportedly, immigration lawyer Matthew and Taiwanese emigrant Huei first crossed paths in 2012 when Huei discovered Matthew’s bank card at an ATM. The two stayed in touch after that.

While the precise timeline of these occurrences is uncertain, it is known that they occurred in the same year that his wife also filed for divorce, alleging irreconcilable differences. This led to a brief dating relationship between the two of them.

Importantly, the former wasn’t employing this former military woman who had become an attorney; she had already gotten her green card and was doing a great job as office manager and HR director.

Official documents indicate that Huei and Matthew were close friends after their brief romance ended, and they reconciled following Matthew’s public 2015 arrest for kidnapping and rape.

Actually, she started paying him weekly visits at the Sacramento County Main Jail, where he was incarcerated. This led to their falling in love and their brief jail ceremony of marriage.

Rumour has it that they signed their marriage licence the day after his March 2017 federal sentencing to 40 years, and she was also forbidden from touching her fiancé during the ceremony.

But Huei dutifully assumed the role of a faithful and trustworthy wife, even quitting her job to write emails and submit legal documents for her husband, who was acting as his own attorney.

The fact that he was still facing state charges related to the 2015 Vallejo ‘Gone Girl’ incident and an other, comparable attempted rape in Dublin made this extremely important.

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He was sentenced to a concurrent 31 years in 2022 after pleading guilty or no contest to the charges of burglary, abduction, false imprisonment, and forceful rape.

Up until this time, Huei had seemingly maintained his unfaltering support for Matthew, empathised with his post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) turned bipolar condition, and claimed that Matthew had been greatly misrepresented.

He gave her his side of the story by creating his now-defunct website under the moniker GoneGirlCase, where he openly blamed “extended psychosis” for his savage crimes.

Where is Huei Jiun Dai Now?

Just like everyone else, Huei appears to have hit her limit in 2022, when her long-term spouse Matthew pled no contest or guilty to six horrific counts of several state-level felonies.

This is based on the fact that she secretly filed for a divorce on December 28, 2022, at the Southern Branch Hall of Justice and Records of the San Mateo County Superior Courts.

We do know that another docket hearing is planned for April 8, 2024, but other than that, there isn’t much information accessible at this time because the issue is still pending. Huei, who resides in San Mateo, California, is intent on avoiding the spotlight until that day comes.

What is Matthew Muller Net Worth?

It is worth $5 million to be Matthew Muller.

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