Learn From Susan Boyle Weight Loss And Accomplish Your 2021 Fitness Goal

Susan Boyle showed off her impressive weight loss when she had arrived at Got Talent live of America shows in California. This Scottish singer whose first audition started off her introduction stating, followed with the statement that said she is 47 years old. Her fame rose with the angelic singing voice of incredible talent. But this soulful musical is not the only major part of what made Susan Boyle so popular. Indeed, if you look at the true reason behind the love of so many people is that she inspired millions with the magic words ‘Susan Boyle Weight Loss’ and she still could sustain  by being herself. 

Who is this Susan Boyle?

From the weight loss journey to the news about the latest album release here you can find everything about her.

Real name           : Susan Magdalane Boyle

Nickname            : SuBo

Born                     : April 1, 1961

Birth place           : Blackburn, West Lothian, Scotland, UK

Height                   : 5′ 4″ (1.63 m)

Nationality            : British, Scottish

Sun Sign                 : Aries

Gained popularity as: Singer

Marital status       : Single

Facebook page    : Link

Instagram             : Link

Twitter                   : Link

Family details:

Father Name   : Patrick Boyle

Mother Name : Bridget Boyle

Siblings             : Brigid McCaw, Gerry Boyle, John Boyle, Mary Brady Boyle

Mini Biography

Susan Magdalane Boyle who is a Scottish singer could gather the international public attention with her participation as a contestant on reality TV program of Got Talent of Britain on 11 April 2009. Here she sang the song from Les Misérables – “I Dreamed a Dream”. The first album of hers was released in November 2009 and reached fame as the best-selling CD around the globe. Moreover, the album had set a record it became the most advance-ordered recording in 2009 in Amazon’s history.

Since her young age, Boyle has been a fan of Donny Osmond. She has been awarded a triple platinum record due to the reason that her album – I Dreamed a Dream has been selling a million copies. She takes her part as a personal assistant and as a housekeeper and keeps her cat company named Pebbles when she’s away.

Susan Boyle’s net worth 

  • Estimated net worth of Susan Boyle is £26 million.
  • The most expensive items that are owned by Susan is a £300 fur coat and a bottle of Chanel No.5.

Early life of Susan Boyle

  • Susan Boyle born to Irish immigrant parents named Patrick and Bridget Boyle. Her mother had the profession of a shorthand typist, while her father was a miner. Her father is also a veteran of the Second World War. In the family of nine children, Susan was the youngest one.
  • In her child life, she suffered due to some kind of psychological issues and bullying at school affected her level of self-confidence. Moreover, she developed some severe learning disabilities.
  • Susan grew up in Blackburn where she wasn’t able to get her desired musical education. However, she didn’t give up her love for music. She sang her first song at the age of 12 in the school.
  • After completing her from high school graduations, Susan had her determination of starting a career in music. However, she also started to work in the kitchen of ‘West Lothian College’ and simultaneously maintained her artistic skills.
  • She is indeed an active girl from her early age to till now and has gone to pilgrimages along with the community for the Knock Shrine and had her singing at Marian Basilica. She auditioned for a television show that involved travelling of Michael Barrymore around the UK –  My Kind of People and made with her amateur performers singing.

Susan Boyle Weight Loss history

SUSAN Boyle has revealed that she had decided to shed two stone after she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Her doctors advised that she should lose weight for her health. However, diabetes was not only the reason for the health condition Susan pushed to take efforts in the journey of weight loss. She hasn’t sung live since 2015 summer and revealed that her Asperger’s syndrome has brought her many adverse effects that made her enable to set dates for another tour.

Boyle disclosed that the weight gain battle has plagued her since from her young age. In her early life, she had no solutions for the problems she faced and often she met situations that turned her to food for comfort, which caused the situation to lead to a worse stage.

What went out in the process of Susan Boyle Weight Loss?

  • The foremost thing that Susan Boyle did for losing her weight was the efforts towards cutting sugar from her diet. This activity took the essential part in her weight loss and also significant for her health as she has been diagnosed with diabetic. In fact, she had insisted that she stop eating sweets and cakes.
  • She refrained herself from sugary juice and drinking soda and also cut the intake of processed food from her diet, and avoided alcohol consumption. 
  • Boyle began her exercise program which perfectly suited her athletic ability and she relied on Garcinia Cambogia supplement in her weight loss process.
  • Her whopping 50-pound weight loss had come to reality by cutting the sugar consumption, effective engagement in exercises, and her great control over weight gain. Now 59 years old Susan Boyle is feeling very healthier and happier in her life.


It is quite natural for anyone who is on their effort to lose weight to see quick results. But remember; only those lose weight steadily and gradually just like Susan Boyle can be more successful at keeping their weight off.

You can achieve a healthy weight loss program if you rely on healthy eating, physical activity and supercharge metabolism products like Meticore that can help you keep the weight loss sustained over the long term. Set your weight loss as a journey rather than considering it like a destination. Live a healthier lifestyle and maintain weight loss over time.

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