The Best Business Messaging Apps in 2021

Here are some best business messaging apps that can make your communication effective, pleasant, and stress-free.

Best Business Messaging Apps


Business electronic messaging apps became the foremost economical medium for the 

communication. Nowadays, during this pandemic, business electronic messaging apps are sort of a boon for business corporations and corporates.

Business electronic messaging apps are important for the communication between the end-users and workers of corporations or among the workers for a bunch of projects and everyone.

Nowadays, each person is doing a little business whether or not it’s little or massive. you’ll be able to access these electronic messaging apps on your smartphone, laptop, or pc. So, business electronic messaging apps encourage to be an awfully necessary issue for all business doers and even for tiny businesses.

Emails and video conferences are sensible for the interaction however these are also frustrating sometimes thanks to their extended and formal nature. Here are some electronic messaging apps to create your communication higher with none quite frustration and you’ll be able to use anytime and anyplace freely.

1. Slack 

Slack launched within the mid-2013, Slack could be a common business electronic messaging app. It’s compatible with automata, Windows, iOS, Mac, Linux, and Web. Slack makes you positive, you keep connected along with your colleagues and work whenever and where required.

The slack app helps you pass away the necessary info and additionally makes your work management easier. you’ll be able to text or decision anyone within the team, share files, and edit documents. Slack additionally has emoji-based reactions and customizable themes.

2. Messenger 

Messenger could be a common social electronic messaging app connected to Facebook. it’s around one.3 billion users presently. It commenced as a feature enclosed on Facebook. You are required to be within the Facebook app to access your messages on the traveler. you ought to have a Facebook account to use as a traveler and you’ll be able to simply communicate along with your friends, customers, and different Facebook users.

You’ll be able to transfer travelers to your smartphone, tablet, and laptop. This platform is easy and straightforward to use. you’ll be able to send text, photos, videos, gifs, emojis, and stickers. traveler additionally permits you to integrate chatbots. Chatbots are getting common among businesses as they supply some way to {present|to administer|to allow|to convey|to grant|to relinquish} client service while not somebody desirous to be present. If you have got a Facebook business profile, then it is a nice platform for you to use and explore.

3. WhatsApp

Whatsapp is in hand by Facebook, has surpassed travelers with around 1.5 users connected to WhatsApp presently. It’s the foremost common electronic messaging app among mobile users. This app will be downloadable on any device. You’ll be able to send text, videos, photos, stickers and may create calls simply from tablets and smartphones. This app is incredibly user-friendly and straightforward to use. 

This app relies on mobile numbers and you’ll be able to create teams of up to 250 members during a cluster. It has finished- to- end coding that makes our conversations and data security. If you want an associate degree app that’s free and straightforward to use, you’ll be able to freely opt for WhatsApp. Nowadays, it’s extremely popular among housewives as they’re doing several businesses like on-line outfitters and different essentials’ stores over there and mistreatment it terribly simply.

4. Viber  

Viber could be a free social chatting app for the business with over 260 four million users. This service permits you to create voice calls and send messages. It works with phones, tablets, and computers, creating it a good way to attach with people in your audience. The World Health Organization uses numerous devices.

This app will be wont to share photos, stickers, and GIFs with friends. you’ll be able to send short video messages, too. It additionally permits you to love and reply to sure messages in cluster conversations.

Viber is additionally more complicated than different ancient electronic messaging apps and offers more options. If you’re searching for one thing with additional capabilities, then you’ll be able to opt for Viber, it’s an excellent choice.

5. Skype

Skype is one of the foremost skilled electronic messaging apps. It’s an excellent choice for somebody or business. This video line of work app makes the task of causing messages, creating calls, and hosting video chats simply.   

Several businesses use Skype as a result of it’s easy and skilled thanks to connecting with folks and shoppers. It helps the businesses by straightforward transfer of files and keeps it fun by providing emojis during this app. Skype provides an excellent balance between fun and useful.

6. Telegram 

Telegram wire has over two hundred million users World Health Organization get pleasure from the app. Folks will use the app on laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. It runs on a cloud-based electronic messaging service.

With wire, you’ll be able to create associate degree audio decisions or send messages. This app additionally contains a Secret Chat feature that permits you to send regular messages.  when they’re sent, the message can expire once the selected time is up.

Telegram wire offers a variety of nice options like the power to integrate bots, stickers, and free downloads of the many pdfs uploaded on any wire channel and as we tend will see on-line work institutes place their study material over there. There are several movies and internet series additionally accessible that shows that the business goes on there by several channels. It additionally permits you to decide on a subject matter therefore you will create your message additional personal and reflective of your business.

7. Flock 

Flock could be a powerful business electronic messaging and team collaboration app that brings all of your work into one place. It’s a convenient, period of time electronic messaging app that produces communication unflawed and simple. Today, your team’s communication is scattered across emails, circumstantial messages, and multiple tools. however, it takes all that communication on one platform, flock with uninterrupted and swish functioning.

8. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts haunt could be an electronic messaging app of Google. You’ll be able to chat together with your Google contacts, and build voice and video calls to people or teams with the assistance of this app. The most recent version has new sticker packs, and currently permits you to envision the last time your contacts were online and you’ll be able to additionally hide it if you would like.

If you utilize Google services like Gmail. Hangouts are de facto simple to induce started with. It’s an awfully complete electronic messaging app, with text, SMS, video and audio calls, and more. Because you’ll be able to additionally simply use it from your desktop browser and in Gmail, it’s one of the foremost convenient electronic messaging apps around. Like most free electronic messaging apps, there’s a cost; here it’s that your information is unbroken ‘anonymously’ by Google to facilitate it and offer you tailored advertisements across its services.

9. KiK

If your business desires to achieve the younger generation of users, KiK is a nice social electronic messaging app. This app doesn’t need signaling for communication. Users started usernames no matter if they need to talk with each other. This app attracts dominantly teenagers. It’s options like GIFs, stickers, and emojis to attract the younger crowd. You’ll be able to additionally share photos and videos on this app.

Kik could be a free possibility for businesses that need to achieve a younger audience. It’s a good tool to use if you would like to attach and send leads participating info to induce them to act together with your business.


Q. What are the most important messaging apps for companies?

  1. Whatsapp and messenger dominate the global messenger market. After that Viber, telegram, Kik is all on the market.

Q. How can chatbots help in customer service?

  1. They provide a way to give customer service without someone needing to be present and at the same time enables customer service to focus on more complex tasks.

Q. Is data privacy possible with messaging apps?

  1. Yes, it is possible and you know about the privacy policy of any app before using it. Companies must have comprehensive information on how they process personal data and data from third parties.

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