Who is Trey Yingst Wife? Know Everything About Her 2024

Trey Yingst Wife: American writer Trey Yingst is dating model Adi Spiegelman; the couple is not married. Get to know Trey Yingst better by reading this article.

Trey Yingst Bio

NameTrey Yingst
Date of BirthSeptember 10, 1993
OccupationJournalism from Fox News

Who is Trey Yingst?

Trey Yingst

Born in 1993, Trey Yingst is a journalist from the United States. From his headquarters in Jerusalem, Israel, he covers international news for Fox News. He went to Pennsylvania’s Central Dauphin High School before transferring to American University to get a BA in broadcast journalism in 2016.

While attending American University, Trey Yingst and Ford Fischer co-founded News2Share, which was the beginning of Yingst’s career in media. Among his many locations was Gaza, Ukraine, from where he delivered reports.

Subsequently, he became the for One America News Network (OANN), where he covered the Trump admin for more than a year.

Yingst became an overseas reporter for Fox News in 2018. In 2019, he was included to Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list for Media, and he has covered difficult tasks like reporting from war zones and crisis circumstances.

Reporter Trey Yingst has earned a reputation for bravery and perseverance in the face of danger while covering stories all across the globe.

Trey Yingst Personal Life

The private life of Trey Yingst is notoriously under wraps. He has managed to keep his private and public lives separate, even though he is a well-known personality in the media. Trey has not been in a relationship or married as far as anyone can tell based on the data that is publicly accessible. This might mean that he is single, although it hasn’t been verified.

Details regarding Trey’s parents have not been made public. But I think you’re right that they live in America. He makes a considerable income as a news journalist for Fox News, yet his official net worth is secret.

Trey Yingst Fox News

American journalist Trey Yingst is well-known for his reporting from across the world for Fox News. An accomplished journalist, he came into this world in Hershey on 10 Sep 1993. Trey Yingst has reported from a number of dangerous and unstable areas, including the Middle East, during his career.

He became a member of Fox News and has reported on major stories from across the world. Thanks to his hard work and devotion, Yingst has achieved a lot, including a spot on Forbes’ 2019.

As a Fox News reporter, Trey Yingst is responsible for covering breaking news, particularly in politically and socially charged regions.

He has contributed to the public’s awareness of critical news events by interviewing prominent personalities and airing them on Fox News.

Who is Trey Yingst Wife?

There is no marriage connection with Trey Yingst at this time. Getting hitched is not something he has done just yet. Even though he has been seeing the famous model Adi Spiegelman, they have not tied the knot.

Know that people’s marital status might change over time, and that this data is only relevant for the time period that is covered by it.

Fox News overseas correspondent Trey Yingst covers a wide range of international stories, frequently from dangerous and unstable regions. He would normally inform the public, either directly or through credible public sources.

Trey Yingst And Adi Spiegelman Dating History

When it comes to Trey Yingst’s romantic past, we only know about his connection with Adi Spiegelman.

Trey Yingst wife

He has chosen to keep his romantic relationships under wraps because he does not want the public to judge him based on his private life.

Adi Spiegelman’s romantic partner is Julie Pacino.

Speculation has it that Adi Spiegelman is seeing Julie Pacino.

In 2021, Adi Spiegelman and Julie Pacino made their romance public by posting photos of themselves online.

Adi Spiegelman told Ynetnews that she and Julie Pacino had no idea each other was the daughters of the famous Hollywood actor when they initially met.

Olivia Rose is Julie Pacino’s daughter from a prior relationship; she has also been romantically related to an Israeli actress.

On Instagram in June of 2022, Julie Pacino expressed her love for Adi Spiegelman and sent birthday wishes to her.

As an added bonus, Julie Pacino has discussed how being honest about her personal life has been aided by her relationship with Adi Spiegelman.

Adi has also posted a photo of the two of them kissing, along with a ring emoji to indicate that they are engaged. 

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