Verizon Credit Card Reader Review 2023

The Verizon Credit Card Reader enables individuals to accept credit card payments — anytime, anyplace.

Verizon Credit Card Reader

Credit cards have become a must in every person’s life. With people taking up risk to start more and more businesses, the transactions processes have to be done with a break, that means there has to be a smart yet effortless way of using this means. This is how credit card readers were first introduced and have been on the rise in the past few years.

And talking of which, i would definitely like you fellows to glance one at Verizon’s wireless credit card readers. It is common knowledge to know what a credit card is used for, but here am gonna give you a brief introduction of what a verizon credit card reader is and how important it is to own one, especially Verizon’s small business card readers. It has also been among the top credit card readers for Iphone as well.


Verizon’s credit card readers are basically square shaped devices, introduced in 2007, by Verizon brand, that permits a person to receive payments at any time of the day and at any place using a credit card. It enables the user to smartly perform transactions on the go through their mobiles, be it Iphone or Android users. With smartphones being in high demand continuously in the last decade, the card reader invention has made it worth using for the ease that it brings. When I was first told about Verizon’s wireless credit card readers, I was not certain whether or not to choose it for my business, but going through its features, I guess I made the right choice to join its wireless card reader’s community.

How it works

You are provided with a wireless device that is to be connected to your mobile’s connecter slot. Once the reader is attached to your smartphone or tablet, you can swipe your credit card across after which all the card’s information is read and processed to finish up the transaction. All the activities are safely recorded and maintained in reports which can be viewed completely after every transaction. 


  • It gives you cost effectiveness on businesses with limited card payment on a timely basis.
  • Higher revenue can be initiated if a possessor is set that takes fixed monthly fee and lesser variable rates.
  • There is no need for you to file monthly subscriptions or enter contracts. Verizon credit card readers are inexpensive and come with absolutely no annual fee issues or commitments.
  • All your eligible accounts get $10 off per month if you choose to sign up for automatic payments.
  • You can keep a track of all your incomes as well as the sales history by joining in its application.
  • There’s a flat 2.75% rate for every swiped card and 2.5% on manually done transactions.
  • Your bank account will be credited with your income in minimum 1-2 business days.
  • You can customize all digital receipts and signatures screen with a business logo.
  • Customers have the advantage of paying on the spot and receiving the confirmation email and receipt.
  •  Lets you increase the credibility of your business by making secure payments.
  • Bookkeeping is made easy as these devices let you generate your very own financial reports whenever required.
  • Brands like American visa and Mastercards can be easily accessed through these card readers that help in making separate payments on behalf of your business and personal tasks as well.
  • Verizon’s app organizes all the services that helps you in doing faster checkouts and generates easy reporting.
  • If you are an Iphone user then, verizon is in your favour. All the services and its app have been proven to be compatible with all the Iphone devices, be it mobiles phones or Ipads.

PRO and CONS: 


  • It has become very easy to accept card payments through these readers.
  • Users gain high rewards of upto 4% verizon dollars on grocery and gas, 2% on all verizon online and retail stores, 3% on restaurants and much more.
  • Mobile access to keep a check on your sales history.
  • Manual access to cards in times of trouble.
  • No annual fee commitments or contract issues.
  • Free application to download, and the brand takes very little % on rates from every transaction.
  • These card readers are precisely designed for small businesses who do not have precisely locatable places for their business such as taxi drivers, construction firms, hair salons and other retailers.
  • Easy access to a web dashboard that helps in keeping track of all bookkeeping tools and prominent business data that is usually not very clear to the common users.


  • Shows trouble in compatibility in most androids and samsung devices.
  • Since these devices are platform specific, Non-verizon customers can not use this card reader. Users must already be a previous user to have to start off with it.
  • Verizon dollars are redemptive only if the user purchases verizon devices or accessories or pays verizon bills.
  • If you are looking for APR offers on the card then, verizon might disappoint you here. Big payments can not be performed since they have 0% APR for straight 18 months.
  • No security assurance since it is a challenging task to make payments. 
  • Although Verizon gives you so many benefits in its card readers, it is still not competitive enough while compared to its counterparts.


These card readers can be obtained at the price of $9.99 


If you are already a Verizon customer, then I assure you will have a pleasant experience with this card reader since it has made buying and selling a much easier task. Since it comes with no baggage of annual fees and contracts, you can join in the league without having to give much thought on whether or not to choose this brand for your business. 

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Gone are the times where you would line up to use a machine to withdraw money from your credit cards, mobile card reading devices by Verizon have taken over the throne flexibility all around. An eminent benefit of Verizon’s credit card readers is that the accessibility has been made so convenient that any layman who just started running a business can start off with their service of accepting payments.

However, the security has been under a threat ever since these card readers were introduced, because there is a possibility of scamming since we are unknown as to how payments are being tracked. So, i’d definitely advise you to make a quick survey of the retailer with whom you are using your lifetime of earnings via a credit card. Wish you good luck there mates!


Can a user perform transactions manually?

Yes, absolutely. In times when your card reader is misplaced or damaged and you have to do urgent transactions, you can manually enter the customers credit card information into the app.

Is it compatible for all devices?

Verizon card readers have been made in a way that they are compatible with all Iphones as well as Android users. But there have been a few complaints saying the card reader was not accessible in a few devices.

Does it run on a mobile network?

Unfortunately no. To use this card reader, one must have data or WiFi connection on their device.

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