Watch Thursday Night Football

I am pretty certain that you have heard the term “football” doesn’t matter where you live. As for the Watch Thursday Night Football, sounds familiar, doesn’t it? That is because most of the football games are performed on Thursdays. 

Well, to explain the game in simple terms, it is just a sort of practice, you can say, with two teams from which one involves kicking the ball to gain a goal and the second team tries to stop the first team from gaining a goal. 

Oh, and the most common types of footballs one has probably heard the name of are: 

  • The association football, that is also identified as soccer in some of the existing countries. 
  • Gridiron football. Another type of football which is very popular in the States and Canada. 
  • Gaelic football. 
  • Rugby football. 
  • The Australian rules football. 

Intrigued much? Keep reading because we are going to talk all about football! 

The basic rules to play any type of football

Now, when it comes to the Gaelic football or Association football, you’ll notice that the ball is moved using the feet part of the body by the team members and there is minimal use of hands. 

While using the hands and arms and torso to carry the football and move around in the field is legally allowed in footballs like the rugby league, Australian football, and the rugby union. 

Well, these were one of the most significant differences in rules in the different versions of football. Although, let’s take a look at the common regulations followed in almost every type of football, shall we? 

  • Usually, both the teams comprise about 11 to 18 players. 
  • Using your body only to cause movement in the ball. 
  • Now, you need an area to play in, don’t you? So, the area should be bordered with proper lining. 
  • A line or goal should be defended by the other team that is doing the opposing. 
  • One can score points or goals by pushing the ball into the opposing team’s territory, that is, their goal area. 
  • A goal or the points are declared scored when you cause the ball to enter the space between two goalposts. 

Ways you can score points

When you play a game, you know that the winner is the one with the most points, similarly, in football too, the one with the most points or goals is the one declared as the winner. 

Now, when it comes to scoring points, a team can score a couple of points by forcing a touchdown, a field goal, and a safety. 

A touchdown is worth 6 points and can be achieved when the player with the ball drops the ball or crosses the vertical plane that is imaginary above the other team’s line for the goal. 

A field goal is worth 3 points and can be earned by kicking the ball between the goalposts beyond the end region of the opposite team’s zone after a catch. 

The safety is worth 2 points and is gained when a player might have caused the ball to become dead in the region of his end zone. The points go to the opposite team. 

The duration of the plays

The football games played professionally last about 60 minutes long and are divided into four different quarters of 15 minutes each. Although at colleges, a single quarter can last about 12 minutes. 

Each team in a single game of 60 minutes gets 3 timeouts in every half and they are allowed to use this at their discretion. 

The clock is with the referee and the clock is stopped regularly due to an incomplete pass or any ending of plays out of the bounds. 

Another additional case where the clock can be stopped is when an injured player has to exit the field. 

The American teams and their positions 

The offensive unit. 

The most important role of the offensive unit is to roll the ball down the field with the objective to score a touchdown. 

Usually, an offensive line is created with a few players to jam the members from the defensive line from stopping the one carrying the ball on the running plays. 

The person who stands in the center is the leader whose job is to block, get the ball to the quarterback, and make it clear that the linemen do their parts perfectly during the game. 

The defensive unit. 

The most important role of the defensive unit is to avoid the scoring of goals probably done by tackling the one carrying the ball or exert pressure on the turnovers. 

Much like the offensive line, the defensive line consists of a few players too. Mostly, there are two things it includes, that are, defensive ends and defensive tackles. 

As the name suggests, the ends are supposed to stand on the ends of the line and the tackles end up lining in between the defensive ends. 

The function of these lines is to stop the running ones on the outside and inside. Other than that, they also carry the responsibility of pressuring the quarterbacks on the passing and to immerse the line to help the linebackers to break in. 

Units for the special teams. 

This unit is in charge of the kicking plays taking place. The units of the team that is currently in control will try to perform the goals in the field, the kickoffs, and the punts while the other team is supposed to jam their path or put them back. 

There are some positions specifically for the punt plays. The positions are the punters, back, the gunner, and the long snapper. 

The long snapper usually is responsible for snapping the football into the hands of the holder, who is in charge of catching and positioning it for the placekicker of the team. 

A holder isn’t always important in a match. Although, it can be quite useful to have them when it’s too windy that the ball is unable to stay upright on the tee. 

The player or the kickoff returner is someone who grabs the ball on the receiving end of the team. 

The teams you’ll find from the US


The captain of this team is Joe Burrow. 


The captain of Browns is Baker Mayfield. 


The one who was given the position of a captain is Ryan Fitzpatrick.  


Jaguars team’s captain is Gardener Minshew. 


Currently, the leader of this team is Alex Glenn. 


Right now, the team is led by Blake Wheeler. 


The captain of this team is Tom Brady. 


The one leading this team is Mitchell Trubisky. 


 Matt Ryan is the captain of this team. 


The captain of this team is Carson Wentz. 


  • The second week: Bengals vs Browns. 
  • The third week: Dolphins vs Jaguars.
  • The fourth week: Broncos vs Jets. 
  • The fifth week: Buccaneers vs Bears.
  • The sixth week: Chiefs vs Bills. 
  • The seventh week: Giants vs Eagles. 
  • The eighth week: Falcons at Panthers. 
  • The ninth week: Packers vs 49ers. 
  • The tenth week: Colts vs Titans. 
  • The eleventh week: Cardinals vs Seahawks. 
  • The thirteenth week: Cowboys vs Ravens. 
  • The fourteenth week:  Patriot vs Rams. 
  • The fifteenth week:  Chargers vs Raiders. 

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