What Can You Do After You Witness A Car Accident?

Most of us will be less certain about how to react and what could be the steps to be taken after witnessing a car accident. It is quite natural for us to have the feeling of doing something. As it is said that more than six million car accidents happen in a year in the United States, it is good for you to know about the things that you should do to protect yourself.

What Can You Do After You Witness A Car Accident

Make yourself safe

Don’t try to run up to the scene of the accident. Though it is normal for you to reach the place and try to save the day, don’t forget that there will be risks of fire or explosion. No matter whether the accident is minor, still you run a risk because the situation may lead to worse if the structure may collapse. So pull over yourself safely.

Call the police

Be calm, relax yourself, dial 911 and call the police. Don’t assume that someone else may have informed the police and will make up the call.  There are possibilities that you may be the first person available at the spot to make the call. So, don’t hesitate or make the delay. You should call the police immediately after witnessing a car accident and report the accident to the police. Reporting accidents to police is very important as they will create an official record of the crash.

Check for the people caught up in the accident

After you have made the report to the 911 dispatcher, walk around the vehicles. Make sure that you are safe and then start looking for anyone caught up in the accident who seems to be injured. If you notice any people need medical help, immediately convey the message to the dispatcher. In cases, if you are a registered physician, nurse or trained EMT, it is good to render the necessary emergency care to the victims of the accident. However, ensure that you don’t face any legal liability.

Stay till the police arrive and talk to them

After the police have arrived at the spot, tell them that you are a witness and give them honest and relevant details. Convey them what you have observed in the accident.  However, don’t make any guess work and mention any information at-fault to the involved drivers. There may be possibilities that it may backlash towards you in later stages.  Remember that you tell the truth only based on what you have noticed in the accident.

Make yourself available for later enquiries

Though you can leave the scene after reporting to police, still you can be contacted by medical authorities or police officers for a statement later. Don’t panic and be honest to the best of your ability based on your observations at the spot.

 In the end, you can be rest assured as you have done the right thing as a responsible witness.  Do remember that the information you give them about what you have witnessed in the car accident can offer a lot of value.

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