Zolve Credit Card Reviews 2023: Features, Benefits and How to Apply?

Zolve credit card is a US Credit card that has been launched for Indian individuals who move from India to the U.S. This card is also referred to as a Zolve US Credit Card. This guide has everything that you should know about it.

Why get a Zolve credit card?

There are thousands of professionals and students from India moving out of the country for many reasons such as work, career, education etc. One of the major problems that they face is opening a savings account and getting a U.S credit card.

Zolve is a global neo bank that is based in Bengaluru and San Francisco. It is intended to deliver seamless transactions and financial systems across the borders.

Zolve credit card benefits

  • Zolve credit card lets the users open a bank account for their usage in the United States, for debit and credit card uses from their home country.
  • It creates a financial world that goes beyond borders in order to offer rightful access from a single and new-age platform to global financial products.
  • To open a Zolve account, you don’t have to pay for any costs related to application fee, annual credit card fee and even no monthly bank account charges.
  • Even if you are new to America, your basic personal information, visa and passport info are sufficient to establish an account with Zolve.
  • A high limit credit card up to $10,000 to fulfill all your spending needs.
  • Very short application process timing.
  • SSN or credit card history not required
  • Excellent reward programs from partner stores
  • Freeze or unfreeze the card in cases if the card is stolen
  • No foreign transaction fees for this international card
  • There is no requirement for minimum balance and you don’t have any upfront account fees.
  • The user can enjoy zero interest rate for the first 6 months. It is given as an introductory offer from the provider.

To apply for a Zolve US Credit Card

The application process for a Zolve US Credit Card is totally online and you can get the approval very quickly. What you have to do is to visit https://zolve.com/ Share your information required, upload your photo and passport copy.

You can expect the Zolve US Credit card to be delivered based on the travelling plan to your USA address.

What are required to apply for the card?

Since the card is aimed to facilitate people who newly come to the U.S, it doesn’t require any U.S credit history or SSN. You can start applying for a U.S. Credit Card and U.S. Bank Account from your home country of India. You can just go ahead with the application with your visa and passport as identification documents.

Is zolve credit card legit?

The Zolve Account is very secure and is FDIC insured up to $250,000 through its partner bank. With the application of the card/provider, you can block or unfreeze the card with just a click.

Zolve reviews

Most users of the Zolve credit card find it as an effective way to save their money and invest it further. This helps them financially independent and helps to pursue their ambition.

And the users find it as a card that gets the people with everything they need for their own. From the review of one of the users, it comes to know that there is no need to worry about the approval card. You have exceptionally good chances of approval as long as you have the visa and passport information. If you have big dreams and spending in the U.S, you don’t have to be confined with the limits of a card, Zolve credit card makes it realized.